Firefly works on a flat, monthly fee. The hourly rate used to arrive at that fee ranges from $70 to $110 per hour, depending on the complexity of a client’s work, length of an agreement, level of leadership expected, overall size of a client’s development team, pace of deadlines, and other factors. As clients will attest, the payment model we’ve honed over years often allows us to fill entire departmental needs for less than the cost of a single staff member, with no burden of payroll taxes, benefits, administrative support, or any other expenses.

Firefly Fundraising’s payment model is itself a strategic innovation.

The hourly model used by most consultants fails to properly align incentives, as it allows consultants to charge higher fees when a project moves more slowly. While members of the Firefly team have not seen other consultants directly “run the meter,” we have seen consultants allow existing inefficiencies at nonprofits to continue. This is in nobody’s best interests, and we built our system to ensure that Firefly team members are incentivized to do the tough work of improving our clients’ systems holistically. Our work has shown that improved systems lead to much a higher grants campaign ROI over time.

Firefly communicates with a client to first define a clear scope of work, including the deliverables expected in an engagement period, and then to reasonably estimate the total number of hours necessary to execute that scope of work. The agreed total number of hours is then multiplied by an hourly rate, resulting in a total fee for the engagement, which is then paid in equal monthly installments. In this model, incentives are entirely aligned: Firefly is incentivized to manage client engagements for maximum efficiency, and clients can feel free to call on Firefly for any reason – to brainstorm ideas, leverage new opportunities, or get input on new materials – all without incurring costs.

Firefly Fundraising never works on commission and makes no exceptions to that rule. (For more information on this policy, click here.)

“Our school has worked with Firefly Fundraising since 2012, and our foundation support has increased three-fold. Our questions are addressed promptly, and the annual calendar developed through a close working relationship with Firefly ensures that reporting is done in a timely fashion. Outsourcing our foundation efforts has proved to be a real boon, and cost effective as well.”

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