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Firefly Fundraising maintains long‐term relationships with clients who do field‐leading work in areas including community services, health care, the arts, childcare, foster care and adoption, services for people with disabilities, minority advocacy, care for the elderly, homelessness, and local and international community development. In addition, Firefly serves several short‐term clients annually.

Numerous references are available upon request from current and past clients, who represent leading organizations with operating budgets ranging from under $500,000 a year to well over $150,000,000 a year.


Firefly delivers comprehensive, strategic grants expertise at a cost that enables long‐term client relationships, even for small and midsize nonprofits. These relationships, in turn, increase our ability to engage deeply, work efficiently, and guide an organization’s operations to maximize funding.

Firefly Fundraising offers a wide spectrum of services, from team building workshops to board development and organizational restructuring, but we specialize in grants strategy and execution, including:

In addition – in collaboration with with our sister company, Firefly Theater & Films – we craft film content for nonprofits, like these pieces for Theatre Communications Group, the Genesis Prize, and the Walton Family Foundation.

“Whether writing successful grants in collaboration with our 26 Y branches across Greater Los Angeles or helping to shape and execute grants strategy for the LA region at the Metro Y Association, Steven Klein and Firefly Fundraising have been tremendously valuable to the YMCA for well over a decade. From winning multi-million dollar capital grants from complex government sources, to submitting literally hundreds of successful proposals to a wide variety of regional funders large and small, Firefly has been instrumental in the growth of the YMCA, which is now enjoying our most successful fundraising period in the LA Y's 135-year history.”

The way we work with our clients is innovative.

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